Who is KNDL?

KNDL is a group of passionate, early-stage investors. We invest in local companies with the potential to grow and build a successful business, creating local employment and changing the World, one company at-a-time.

Who Operates KNDL?

KNDL is a member-driven organization. KNDL is managed by Mike Amos, (Managing Director) in partnership with Launch Lab.

What is KNDL’s Goal?

KNDL has three goals when investing in early-stage companies: to help our investees build a successful business, to future proof the economy of Eastern Ontario and to provide our accredited investors with a risk-adjusted return on their investment.

Meet the KNDL team


KNDL has over 130 accredited investors who are passionate about helping early-stage companies and future-proofing their local economies.

Our members are anything but passive investors; KNDL often invest their time in helping their investees achieve success.

KNDL Member Application

Executive Member

$799 Annually

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Associate Member

Partners and Sponsors ONLY
$249 Annually

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Affiliate Member

Membership required to engage in any deal

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KNDL puts Founders First

KNDL understands how difficult it is to start a business. We also know how challenging it can be for a busy founder to raise early-stage capital. It is our goal at make fund-raising Founder friendly with 6 easy steps:



completes a profile on our system



team does an initial review and schedules an intake discussion



to our Investment Selection Committee



to our Membership at an in-person event



a deep dive discussion with our interested angels



diligence, deal terms and fund

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